Pen teeth Whitening 4ml - to Taste Mint - SMILE Carbon Expand

SMILE Carbon

Pen teeth Whitening 4ml - to Taste Mint - SMILE Carbon


The pen tooth whitening SMILE Carbon is perfect for those wishing to extend their dental whitening initiated with the whitening kit dental connected.

Thanks to the LED of your kit and the gel formula SMILE Carbon, your teeth are significantly whiter, and your enamel is preserved.

Who is it for ? For all those wishing to obtain naturally whiter teeth.

The councils of use : Apply the gel directly on the teeth. If you want to maximize the effects, you can use the gutter and to the LED. In which case, adjust it and connect it to a treatment of 16 minutes.

The more product : packaging "pen" convenient to carry.

Capacity : 4ml

More details

19,90 €

Without hydrogen peroxide, pen, bleaching dental SMILE Carbon does not damage your enamel ! It won't cause sensitivity and is ideal for smokers, consumers of tea and coffee, as well as for those who have a nature of enamel yellowish.

To complete this bleaching, we recommend that you use the whitening toothpaste to coal plant. To use on a daily basis, it will maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

Product not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 12 years.

SMILE Carbon
Coal, natural that takes care of your teeth ! This brand is 100% natural helps whiten your teeth even more effectively than baking soda, try the experiment and judge for yourself ! Products SMILE Carbon Coconut provide impressive results from the very first days of use. Farewell the task of coffee, tooth decay due to sweets and chewing gum...
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