Temporary Coloration of roots - Root Vanish by Kazumi Blonde - KIWABI Expand


Temporary Coloration of roots - Root Vanish by Kazumi Blonde - KIWABI




The Root Vanish Blonde by Kazumi is the product of the brand Kiwabi you need if you are looking to hide your roots ! Manufactured in Japan, it is first coloring non-permanent that does not harm your scalp. It does not leave any residue, doesn't bleed when it rains and does not contain any harmful or aggressive for the scalp. This manicure for the hair white is done at home, for a result that is more than natural.For who ? For the hair blond.

Council of use : Use the product on clean hair, dry or dewatering Press a generous amount of product on your wet hands to see if the product suits you. Otherwise, this product can be used without hands, without gloves and directly onto the scalp. Use the as much as necessary to cover completely the areas to be targeted. Let it sit for at least 10 - 15 minutes (30 min to 1 hour when it is the first time) before you rinse with thewater hot. Dry after each application. The heat will allow the color to hold better.

The + product : Its convenience and without harmful products.

Capacity : 20 g.



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The Root Vanish by Kazumi in Kiwabi offers you a mix of 22 asian plants that have virtues, regenerating and enriching for the hair and scalp. Herbs of mountains, minerals, ocean, flower essences, tropical fruits and asian, everything is present in this manicure to hair white to get a result moisturizing, smoothing and anti-aging. Your hair is natural and your roots sparkling !

FeaturesColoring semi-permanent
GenreWoman, Man
The product retouching essential KIWABI Root Vanish is a brand of products to touch-up hair innovative and practical made in Japan. Composed of a mixture of 22 asian plants regenerating, the Root Vanish are products which strengthen, nourish and moisturize the hair while allowing for a touch up of your roots . If Kristen Stewart, Robert...
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