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Toothpaste - Classic travel - LEBON


Who says that a toothpaste had to be boring ? Not Stephanie and Richard, the creators of the brand Lebon ! Since 2015, they offer a series of toothpaste as beautiful as good health. In fact, they are vegans, not tested on animals, made in France and do not contain chemicals. The classic range provides you with oral hygiene impeccable.

Active principles :

- thealoe vera and green tea help to prevent the development of cavities, bacteria and plaque.

Who is it for ? Those who want to take care of their smile but also their health and decoration of their bathroom.

Usage tip : Use toothpaste Lebon for you to brush your teeth after every meal.

The + product : Its travel-size design that lets you take it everywhere with you.

Capacity : 25 ml

More details

6,90 €

Check out the various perfumes, toothpastes Lebon classics in order to choose the one that suits you best :

- Cap Ferrat mood : to base of fresh mint regenerating, for those who rely first and foremost on the breath fresh.

- A swimming pool in Antibes : of liquorice and mint, for those of you who want a taste as refreshing as a dip in a swimming pool in the summer.

- Villa Noacarlina : based on cinnamon and mint, for those who love the flavors warm and refreshing at once.

- Tropical crush : at base of pineapple, roibos and mint, for those of you who want to get away on a paradise beach of white sand each morning while brushing their teeth.

- Sweet extravagance : in base of rose, orange blossom and mint, for those of you who like flowery scents, and sexy. The more couture toothpastes Lebon.

LabelMade in France, Natural Origin
GenreWoman, Man
CompositionAloe vera, Green tea
The French brand Lebon managed the tour de force to make sexy a product is a cosmetic as trivial as toothpaste ! And yes, this was not a bet won but noted with brio ! To do this, the brand relies on a packaging - very Art Deco that mixes bright colors and touch of gold. A winning choice that makes you want to collect toothpastes Lebon as...
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