Your well-being is important to us. You want to make your home a place that is cozy and warm ? To do so, it is important to choose your candles. You feel good among you becomes a child's play ! Our candles LANAÏKA ensures you a moment of relaxation with their scent. Prickly pear, orange Sweet, Scandinavian Wood, or Vanilla Powder, four scents that will make you spend one moment of relaxation. Coming home from work becomes a real pleasure thanks to this atmosphere cocooning you in the mists, perfumed diffusers, or even fragrances. It is up to you to decide what atmosphere you want to have in your home sweet home. Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere else !


Well-being is, naturally, by the physique. Who does not dream to be pampered, massage, hair ? Deposit boxes, massage, perfume, and travel provide you with a sensation of extreme well-being and take care of you and your skin. There is nothing more relaxing than a massage with products with delicious fragrances. Waxing and shaving can also become moments of well-being if you take the time to take care of yourself and use good products.


Finally, who doesn't love a bath of warm water while listening to music or reading a good book ? The bath is the relaxation time absolute that all women love to have. This is the time to take care of you, your skin and use products such as bath salts natural the brand AHAVA that soothe the tensions in the body; they remineralize and relax the body and mind. Relax and enjoy you !

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